Enlightened code, blissfully crafted in Salt Lake City, UT.


My name is Zean. I'm a coder focused on developing the tastiest Rails/Django websites and iOS apps. This is my online portfolio.

I'm currently not accepting any career or contract opportunities, but drop a line if you'd like to say hello. I'd really enjoy hearing from you!

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Know the Real Me.

Project: KnowTheRealMe

Status: Under Development

Description: Create and promote career-oriented personal profiles

Highlights: Zean Tsoi's Profile

Specs: Rails 3.0, OAuth, Scribd API


Client: InnoVapor — Leading maker and vendor of personal vaporizers

Role: Lead/Team Developer

Description: Built initial version and collaborated on current iteration

Specs: PHP5, Pinnacle Cart, SSL

Schedule Caster.

Project: Schedulecaster

Status: Production

Description: Parent teacher conferences made dead simple

Highlights: Demonstration Video

Specs: Rails 3.0, Illustrator

Break Through SF.

Client: Breakthrough SF — College preparatory after-school program

Role: Lead Developer

Description: Upgraded platform & security measures; built out modules

Specs: PHP5, Joomla 1.5, Apache

Gone Chasing Butterflies.

Project: Gone Chasing Butterflies

Status: Limited Production

Description: Share memories of our dearly departed animal friends

Highlights: Snickers: What a dog!

Specs: Rails 3.1, Google Maps, SASS

Google Books Ruby Gem.

Project: GoogleBooks Ruby Gem

Status: Released

Description: Pure Ruby wrapper that facilitates dynamic querying of the Google Books Repository API

Specs: Ruby, Rspec


Project: Authentically

Status: Trial Deployment

Description: Abstraction layer for online user authentication

Highlights: Zean Tsoi's Profile

Specs: Rails 3.2, Twilio, JSON API

Share Analog.

Project: Share Analog

Status: Under Development

Description: Connect & share books with fellow literary aficionados

Specs: Rails 3.1, GoogleBooks Ruby Gem, Twitter CSS Bootstrap